Vendor Resource

Attention Online Dealer,


This is a tremendous opportunity to increase margin and business overall on Parinda, Siamod and McKleinUSA Brands owned by McKlein Company LLC.

McKlein Company is offering our Online Dealers a variety of items at various discount levels based on product and promotion type.



  • Online Dealer will place our brand’s banner on the Front Page of their website. Minimum required size is 1/6 of total Front Page area. Please see example below.
  • Front Page Banner must link directly to each brand assortment.
  • Prior or On Day-Of-The-Deal: Online Dealer must capture a screen shot of the Front Page Promotion banner and send it to your rep for approval and confirmation.
  • Online Dealer must send at least 1 mass email to their customers featuring at least one McKlein Company brand. A copy of the email must be sent to your McKlein Company rep for approval and confirmation.
  • Time Frame: Maximum duration for a single promotion is one month.
  • Unique promotions can run month to month but specific items may not be repeated consecutively.

Six Promotions per year are allowed.


Note: After approval by your McKlein rep, on the day that the banner goes live, your discount level will be activated in our system for up to 30 calendar days.


*Offer cannot be combined with existing Programs/Discounts.

Sample Promo banners

Promotion_BacktoSchool_Halsted_Reagan_Damen Promotion_BacktoSchool_Fontanella_Borella_Carugetto


















Example promo banner location 1


















Example promo banner location 2