Lavish handbag for every Women

About Parinda

Parinda’s inception in 2009 was inspired by the idea to provide women with elegant and stylish handbags that perfectly complimented their lifestyles. With a commitment to alluring design and enduring style, the Parinda collection features a distinct blend of classic and contemporary influenced handbags, ranging from satchels to tote bags. We invite you to try out one of our products and experience the difference for yourself.

What Parinda Gives You

The best in colors and patterns that appeal to every taste
A bag for every woman of all ages, and for every occasion
A beautiful blend of contemporary and classic design
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Why are we here?Parinda is here to compliment elegant women with lovely fashion.

What we do and how do we do it? Named after our CEO, Parinda Saetia, we were inspired to create a variety of luxurious and affordable bags for every type of women and every kind of occasion.  
What makes us different? Women owned and operated, we have been certified by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council, validating that we are a certified woman owned business to ensure to companies that we’re committed to diversifying suppliers. None of our products are made with leather, meaning no animals were harmed in the making of our products.  
Who are we here for? For the strong, independent and colorful women who aren’t afraid to show their true colors.  
What do we value the most? To empower women to put their best foot forward, stand up for what they believe in and do what makes them happy.  
What is our personality? Lively, strong-minded, independent, compassionate and beautiful.  


We are here to compliment elegant women with lovely fashion. To demonstrate universally that women are strong-willed individuals who lead by example and can make a difference in the world. Disrupting the traditional social balance & perceived perceptions in unconventional ways by standing up, breaking your silence & giving us WOMEN a voice. Now, we challenge all women to break free and show your true colors, because everyone is beautiful in their own way.