Smart Design for Mobile Professionals

About McKleinUSA

Inspired by the ever-so-demanding needs of the business world, and wanting to provide traveling professionals with the best in functionality, innovation, quality and mobile support, we responded with McKleinUSA. MckleinUSA is a world-renowned, multiple award winning, manufacturer and supplier of business and travel bags that are leading in innovation, functionality, and quality. We are committed to helping professionals on the move be stylish, organized, and comfortable. Our bags are made to last through years of commuting, trips around the world, and every trip in life. With that in mind, we’ve made sure every design is thoughtful and classic so you will never have to compromise on style.

What McKleinUSA Gives You

Award Winning Design
Advance Features
Largest Assortment of Women’s Business Cases
Easy fly thorough check-point friendly bags
Hand stitched leather and high quality fabrics
Patented award winning 2-in-1 design of detachable wheel and handle system
Weather protection at the highest level
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Why are we here? McKlein Company is here to integrate travel with success by providing our customers with the highest quality travel products hand crafted from genuine leather by skilled craftsmen in Thailand. Changing the way people travel, with innovative designs built to last and to lead you down the road of success.

What we do and how do we do it? Our fine leather travel goods are hand-made by highly skilled craftsman at our family owned factory in Thailand. Learning and expanding from a family of leather case makers, McKlein Company combines traditional craftmanship techniques with modern technology to bring you innovative and reliable travel goods.

What makes us different? Women owned and operated, we have been certified by the Women’s Business Enterprise national Council, validating that we are a certified woman owned business to ensure to companies that we’re committed to diversifying suppliers. Receiving the PPAI award in 2006 and 2008 and the CFS innovation award in 2009 for our patented 2-in-1 removal wheel and handle system sets us apart from the competition and has secured our reputation as a leading innovator in the world of travel goods.

Who are we here for? To cater to the everyday business men and women so we can make their travel/commute more efficient and tolerable.

What do we value the most? To treat each individual with the respect they deserve and to give those less fortunate the tools and opportunities to live their best life.

What’s our personality? Compassionate, involved and innovative.


Travel with success in mind. We are mold breakers, determined to make a difference in the world through our products and philanthropical work. Giving people the opportunity to exceed expectations and make a name for themselves is what makes our job so rewarding. 

Credibility Statement

In 1998, McKlein Company designed their 1st briefcase with the belief that superior craftsmanship mattered.  Today, our Award Winning Patented Detachable Wheeled Cases offer unique flexibility with our one of a kind solution for smart mobile professionals.  We offer the largest selection and colors of women’s leather cases in the world.  McKlein can be your one-stop shop for all of your men’s and women’s business and travel products. From vintage to modern, the best values for exceptional quality and design!  Accessorize with our beautiful handbags and wallets that meet the needs of today’s fashionable woman.