Chicago Park District – Ken-Well Park

June, 2017

We donated 10 handbags to the Ken-Well Park Advisory Committee. Every donation goes towards funding future park events, park trips, park maintenance, and mural upkeep.

Located in the Hermosa neighborhood (a block and a half north of Diversey Avenue, and midway between Pulaski and Cicero avenues), Ken-Well Park’s tiny fieldhouse sits on almost three acres. Outdoors, the park offers junior baseball field, a softball field, a combination football / soccer field, a basketball court, plus a playground with a sandbox and a water spray feature. Additionally, Ken-Well Park offers an ornamental community garden, featuring the Harvest Gardens program for youth.

The park offers numerous programs for youth: Drop-In after-school program, Pre-Teen Club, Game Room, Seasonal Sports / Sports Club, Recreational Tumbling.In the summer, youth can participate in our popular and very affordable six-week day camp program.

The park offers a Teen Leadership Club, adult stretching, and an adult Community Club. Parents gather at Ken-Well Park with their preschoolers for classes such as: Play Group, Tiny Tot Tumbling, and Preschool.