CEO gives back in many ways to school in poverty struck Thailand community.

CEO, Parinda Saetia recently visited students at a school in the poverty struck community of Thambon Bon, Amphur Samrong Ubanrhactani in Thailand, providing them with art supplies, recreational materials, books, paper, pencils, and pens. Each student also received a personal gift, as well as words of inspiration and affirmation from Ms. Saetia.

“I see myself in each one of the children that I encountered here today and I just want to be an encouraging figure to them.” Like the children, she came from very humble beginnings and was not afforded many opportunities. She’s had to work harder, longer and faster than those who were more privileged in order to attain success. Her perseverance is a testament that she wishes to share with as many children as she can in her lifetime.

This is not the first time she has visited a school in Thambon Bon and in her mind will definitely not be her last. It is also not the only charitable contribution she has made to this community over the years. When deciding where to open up a 25,000 square foot state-of-the-art factory to manufacturer some of the industry’s best leather laptop bags and briefcases, Parinda Saetia decided on Thambon Bon. She understood that this venture would bring jobs and revenue to a poverty ridden community.

“I was raised in Thailand, and though I currently reside in the States, it is where my heart remains.” Since its opening, McKlein’s factory has employed well over 400 residents from Thambon Bon. Parinda truly understands the importance of giving back and is committed to creating opportunities for less privileged people and communities around the world through the McKlein 360 Foundation.