“Two years ago I purchased a Glen Ellyn 94366 in red. I travel extensively for my work and always take this bag with me. I can’t tell you how many times I have been stopped by security people, passport check people, fellow passengers, stewardesses etc. who say “Wow, what a nice bag”. I then go into my spiel about how it is the greatest bag of all time and show them how it works. Inevitably I am asked who makes it and I have to dig out scrap paper to write your name on and hand over. I think you should mail me company cards, or something, so it is a lot easier for me to give to people who want to find out where I got the bag.”

Trisha B, Senior Executive


“I love my V Series Morgan.  Outstanding quality and value.”

Bill R

“I just wanted to tell you how much McKlein has been in my professional career.  When I became a Sales Manager 12 years ago, shortly thereafter my wonderful wife purchased me the McKlein Chicago Leather briefcase.  It was the pinnacle of briefcases.  This suitcase traveled with me for 12 very successful years.  It was by my side for a dozen years.  As with many things, it aged.  The travel and the success took it’s toll and my wife decided to surprise me with a brand new briefcase, The Franklin.  I retired the Chicago and began my next 12 years with the newer briefcase…enjoying the Franklin but missing the experiences I had with the Chicago.

Well, to my disbelief, while on business travel in Houston this past Monday, while having a business conference with my sales representative in a restaurant, at 12:22pm, my rental car was vandalized and my personal and company IPad, along with my brand new surprise gift from my wife, the Franklin briefcase, was stolen.  Everything that I travel with on business was inside of there.  None of which I will ever lay eyes on ever again.

I now sit contemplating my next briefcase purchase.  It is not a decision I take lightly. There is no doubt, it will be a McKlein, and it will be a minimum of the Chicago briefcase.  I started my Sales Management career with the Chicago, and I plan on returning to it to finish my career.

I just wanted to tell you how much McKlein has been a part of my life.

Thank you for letting me share!”



I absolutely *adore* my McKlein Clinton laptop case. Unlike a lot of other laptop cases, this one *fits* in the overhead bins on the small regional jets, even the CRJ’s. The case is rugged, rolls smoothly, looks good and holds all the things I need to carry-on. It even fits my giant Dell E6510 (15.6″ diag screen) laptop. I hope they never stop making this design!!

-Dan Kelley