At McKlein Company, we believe in conducting business with the highest standards in mind in all aspects from our daily operations to the products we sell.

Our Mission

As a leading innovator in the design of computer cases and travel bags, our mission is to provide travelers with more than just stylish and reliable bags. We seek to produce products that customers describe as mobile support when needed the most. We strive for excellence and are passionate in our efforts to continue to shape and define the market for mobile business cases and traveling bags. We aspire to be the best, focusing on the needs of travelers and producing solutions that meet their standards.

Our Vision

McKlein Company’s responsibility is to continually improve in all facets in which we operate. Our vision is to put into action a culture that cultivates a strong commitment to the success and growth of our corporate operations, relationship with employees, and partners.

Our values and philosophy are a reflection of our commitment to achieve excellence while remaining steadfast in our principles to conduct business responsibly.
We strive for excellence by:

Sell products that we can be proud of. A true test of our commitment to excellence is our own ability to endorse the products we sell. From the moment we purchase the material to the moment it reaches the consumer’s hand, we believe it is our responsibility to ensure that only the best quality is provided.

Provide customer care that goes beyond the status quo. We know that our success depends greatly on an understanding of our customers, and consumers. We are driven by a deep aspiration to find solutions that benefits them, and look to go the extra mile to show that we care.