McKlein Company, LLC is recognized worldwide as an innovator in the design of mobile computer bags, and travel cases. Our brands embody the same dynamics that we try to bring to every aspect of our business. Take a closer look at the brands that make up the McKlein Company portfolio and learn more about the products they offer.




Inspired by the ever-so-demanding needs of the business world, and wanting to provide traveling professionals with the best in functionality, innovation, quality and mobile support, we responded with McKleinUSA. McKleinUSA is the mid-tier brand of McKlein Company, LLC, featuring a collection of fabric and leather business cases, and leisure bags. From its humble inception, McKleinUSA has grown to become known as a pioneer of innovation with mobile computer cases, and travel bags around the world.

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Siamod’s distinct look and feel is what sets this high-end brand apart from its competitors. Inspired by Italian-designs, Siamod features a collection of exotic leather mobile computers bags and leisure bags. In a short time since its inception, Siamod has become a must have for traveling professionals and leisure travelers around the world.

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Parinda’s inception in 2009 was inspired by the idea to provide women with elegant and stylish handbags that perfectly complimented their lifestyles. With a commitment to alluring design and enduring style, the Parinda collection features a distinct blend of classic and contemporary influenced handbags, ranging from satchels to tote bags. We invite you to try out one of our products and experience the difference for yourself.

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